The world needs YOUR voice


Feeling mislabeled? Misrepresented? Misunderstood?

Fed up with feeling unfulfilled?

Ready to finally be heard at the dinner table?? 



This immersive, hands-on training will empower you to unlock your voice and free your speech

Shatter your fear of speaking and be somebody your audience remembers.


“Parrhesia” is freedom of speech

Deliver with confidence whether you’re in front of a crowd or talking one-on-one.

Stop being a "conspiracy theorist"

Even with your facts in order and truth on your side most people probably won't want to hear what you have to say. Learn how to capture their interest, avoid arguments and build bridges.

Remedy relationships and find new friends

Feeling alone? Struggling to maintain connections with people who have different opinions? Do you desire community? Navigate challenging conversations with people you care about and gain lifetime access to the Parrhesia community.

Tap into your unlimited creative potential

Unleash your artistry and elevate it to excellence. With valuable feedback, practice and support, your creative output can break down walls where conversation can't. 


Communication is the key to success

Speaking fluidly from the heart with your emotions in check can unlock a world of opportunities that many never get to experience.

Learn to deliver with confidence and captivate your audience, big or small. Break through the anxiety and self-consciousness holding you back. Tackle topics and leverage skills normally obtained through years of experience.

Why Benny Wills?

Benny is a communicator extraordinaire. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Irvine, and has sharpened his tools through extensive performing arts training and experience. He is an acclaimed poet, emcee, actor, teacher and coach, and has appeared on stages and television sets around the world. He is also the co-creator of the YouTube comedy channel JoyCamp. Help him help you free your speech and realize the art of YOU!

"This course happened for Benny at the ripest moment of his life. I was impressed with how well thought out the lectures were and how well executed his suggestions and exercises helped transform a piece. He brings a valuable service to those of us wanting to communicate and perform with form and rendition."


"I started Benny‘s Parrhesia class to learn a few communication skills for my business, and something wonderful, and unexpected happened. Benny is a gifted and inspiring trainer who knows how to make his students feel gifted, inspired and lovable while speaking from their hearts. Whoever feels gifted, and lovable can move mountains. That‘s how I feel now. "


"I am truly awed by the confidence and humanity Benny Wills has developed through his life, and he is generous enough to share his wisdom with those who participate in his course. Parrhesia was a great opportunity to both discover and put into practice the important tools of communication that Benny so eloquently presents. His presentations were easy to follow and inspiring, and the workshops left room for free expression which brought in a community-aspect which was an unexpected bonus! "


"I was attracted to this course so I could get some needed help on my presentation skills for my job. Not only did it help me become a more confident presenter and identify areas to focus on for further improvement, it also helped me in my everyday life when bridging touchy subjects with friends and family. I used to feel like a crazy conspiracy theorist disguised as a normal person. This course has helped me become less afraid of and better equipped to express my real opinions about controversial subjects with my friends and family. "


Jason's Parrhesia Experience

"Benny provided the tools that allowed me to express all my thoughts and observations in a concise format."



Challenge your comfort zone; reap rewards

Experience a blend of presentations, LIVE discussions and informative Q&A.

Get tailored one-on-one feedback just for you. During the discussions, you can bring your own work and get valuable feedback and direction from Benny. The classroom is a safe environment where you can share and get personalized, constructive feedback.

Your interactive Parrhesia

Each week, you’ll also get access to a weekly workout with other Parrhesia students and alumni where you can flex your Parrhesia muscle. 

Public speaking coaches cost hundreds per hour

Working one-on-one with performance instructors can cost even more.

Overcoming self-doubt can pay dividends.

What is the investment?

How far are you willing to go...?



8 modules

Conversation navigation

Confidence building

Fear management

Creative inspiration 


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The entire Parrhesia course

3 months of LIVE weekly workshops

Group coaching

Personalized feedback

Open forum Q&A

Community access

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Everything from the other tiers


My personal attention for 3 months

Private coaching


Problem solving


Getting you unlocked, unstuck and



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You have something to say

Never let the fear of dismissal, condemnation, ridicule or isolation get in your way again.

Master the Art of Communication

Find your voice | Free your speech | Be UNDENIABLE


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