The world needs YOUR voice

Are you ready to talk to anyone without fear or self-doubt?
Or speak more boldly in front of a crowd?
Do you yearn to express yourself creatively?



This immersive, hands-on training will empower you to unlock your voice and free your speech

Acquire the skills required to not only shatter your fear of public speaking but to be engaging while you do it. Discover the interactive input you need to maximize your communicative output.


Seize the chance to speak with confidence and charisma in front of any audience. Realize the art of communication now.


“Parrhesia” is the art of speaking freely

Deliver with confidence, whether you’re in a board meeting or on stage

Spark a conversation with anyone

You can be the life of the party, or the person in your office others look to for leadership.  Learning to speak from the heart and being heard unlocks a world of opportunities that so many never get to experience for themselves.

Get more of what you want

Are you looking to meet that special someone and build a meaningful connection?  Ready to identify your value and ask for a raise?  It’s all much less complicated when you learn how to clearly express who you are and what you want.

Enjoy stronger, deeper connections

Communication with honesty and compassion strengthens the bonds between us.  Overcome the fears and doubts standing between you and the people you want to reach.  Create your own masterpiece of human connection.


Do you shy away from difficult conversations?

Sometimes discussing sensitive subjects can be uncomfortable, especially with loved ones. 

The world is full of misinformation, often making it even more difficult to express the truth.

Confronting someone can feel like running the gauntlet just to see that your needs are met.

You’ve found your solution!

Communication is the key to success.

Open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities.

The world where you have the power to speak your mind and dispel illusions. 

Learn to deliver anything with the tools and confidence to captivate your audience. Break through the anxiety and self-consciousness holding you back. Tackle topics and leverage unique skills normally obtained through years of experience.

Why Benny Wills?

Benny is a communicator extraordinaire. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Irvine, and has sharpened his tools through extensive performing arts training and experience. He is an acclaimed poet, emcee, actor, teacher and coach, and has appeared on stages and television sets around the world. He is also the co-creator of the YouTube comedy channel, JoyCamp. Help him help you free your speech and realize the art of YOU!

"I really liked Benny Wills' Parrhesia class. I am a very creative person and articulate too and I rarely get a chance to express that in our modern consumerist hyper competitive society and that really bothers me. I have a talent for public speaking, acting, poetry, and speaking truth to power and the problem is though I rarely find an outlet to not only express it but, to refine it. This class is that outlet and Benny has been really friendly, fun and all around just a friendly person who just wants to help. I strongly recommend Parrhesia."

Ariel B
Parrhesia Student
Master the art of effective communication.

Experience a unique blend of live presentations, workshops, discussions and informative Q&A.

Get coaching tailored just for you. During the workshop portion, you can bring your own work and get valuable feedback and direction from Benny. The classroom is a safe environment where you can share, and get personalized, constructive feedback.

Your interactive Parrhesia
learning environment

Each week, you’ll have a lesson and a Q&A to bring all the concepts of the day together.  You’ll also get access to a weekly workout where you can flex your Parrhesia muscle.  Bring your words and get live feedback, complete with practice exercises to help get the ball rolling.

Each season caps off with an optional live showcase to present your masterpiece-in-progress to the world.

Public speaking coaches usually cost hundreds per hour.

Working 1-on-1 with performance instructors normally costs even more.

Imagine the value of finding these skill sets combined and offered by the same person.  Well, you just found him!

What is the investment?

Students get first-class treatment so the courses are extremely limited. Now is your chance - don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity!



Sit in the Audience

8+ Acts Of Course

Recordings for a year

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Get on stage

Live Q&A

8+ Acts Of Course

Group Coaching

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1hr Per Week One-One Coaching

Get on stage

Live Q&A

8+ Acts Of Course

Group Coaching

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Seats are filling up fast.

Limited spots available. Sign-up now to reserve your seat! Students get thorough, one-on-one treatment so space is limited. Now is your chance - don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Don’t let your voice get lost in the noise.

Seize the chance to speak with confidence and charisma in front of any audience. Realize the art of communication now.

Master the art of effective communication

Never let self-doubt get in the way of expressing yourself again. Reserve your seat before it’s gone!


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